Condolence Notes, Letters and Poems

To all her friends, relatives, near and far, and the many lives she touched in passing, here is a THANKS for caring. All the flowers, donations, cards and e-mails conveying thoughts of sorrow, condolence were more than appreciated.
Below are some poems, letters and condolence notes from family and friends.

Gene Autry office letter

Poem included with Autry letter

Poem in Dorothy's writing

Grandson Brian's work

Ode to Dorothy

Billy Holcomb poem

Self poem by Dorothy

From Dr. Parveen and staff

From Grandson Brian

From Doris

From Granddaugher Linda

From Stella Price

From Sue and Shirley

From Sharon and Bob

From Ed & Gail Thompson

From the Hank Lopez Senior Center

From Kath, Dave and Family

From Lillian and Roy

From the McIntyres

From Marge and Barry Temaner

From Helen and Joe Temaner

From Terry & Wayne Haro

From Dennis Roth

From the Youth Sciense Institute