From the Ukraine to California:
A Son's View

The Alton Years
The North Chicago Years
The Colorado and California Years
The Travel Years
The Last Years

1967 trip with then wife Sandy and Susan to the big redwood trees up north

Mom on her first Reno trip on the way home for a last chance

Mom, Sandy and kids having a snow fight at a rest stop on the way to Reno

Mom and I on one of her many trips to my place, sure wish I had that Corvette now!

Mom and I running around the Country Fair

Mom, Josh my then girl friend Adrianne's kid on the North side of the Golden Gate Bridge on the way to Fort Bragg

Adrianne, Josh and Mom at the Fort Bragg Harbor a favorite spot with the Ex and kids

Mom taking in Hawaii with my kids and Adrianne

A happy moment in Hawaii for Mom

Mom enjoying one of her many dips in my hot tub

The stop at Hoover Dam on the way to Las Wages

Down in the power plant of Hoover Dam

The shoot out in Old Las Vegas on the way back home, the bad guy in black got it

A Falcon Crest trip to the wine country a TV series soap opera(1981 to 1990)setting Mom loved to watch

The USS New Jersey visit with Steve and Mom. We got to see the engine room

On deck of the New Jersey and a shot with the Golden Gate in the back

Richard and Carol on their honeymoon, Mom, Dad and Dennis went with them

Mom and Dad with Jerry at his Tulane graduation

Mom and sister Stella on that trip to Alton

Stella's house in Alton, her kid Sharon, Sis and Rich

All I got was free popcorn after leaving the Alton Riverboat playing blackjack

Postcard is all I took home but it was a fun trip

A side trip to Reno meeting Rich and Carol

A side trip to Fort Bragg with the gals checking out the view

Mom in Florida with brother Pete and Kitty

Pete and Kitty on their tour in California. Great cameraman!

Pete and Mom at Santa Cruz

Leaving Reno the gang waiting for my car

Mom with son Jerry and Brian on one of her many trips back east

Santa Cruz vist with Jerry in the early years with Mom and Neila

Mom taking in that sea air back east on Jerry's boat

Jerry heading out to sea with son Brian more sea air

Jerry closing up the hatch after a day's sail

A Holiday card from Jerry

Mom worried just as much as Jerry with me driving old Nepthys on my trip back there

Mom having a happy time out on the town with Jerry's gal Joanne and her Mother Doris

Another outing with Jerry, Joanne and Otto Joanne's famous stage dog who looks bored

A wine drinking good time at Jerry place

See how happy Mom was at Jerry's. Doesn't get much better then that

Dan and Michelle's wedding, the last time Mom got to see all her kids together at one time

A somber talk at the wedding going on with Mom, Jerry and Sylvia she was fighting her cancer at this time

The married couple with their parents and grandmothers

The last time Mom was back east with Jerry and his gang at Brian's house