From the Ukraine to California:
A Son's View

The Alton Years
The North Chicago Years
The Colorado and California Years
The Travel Years
The Last Years

The Lenox home

Mom visiting the old North Chicago house after it was sold

A parking lot now being a sad day when I saw that picture, Mom never saw it.

Dad taking his family's picture in 1944 in their new home. Check out my long hair! And you thought the hippy movement started in the 60's!

1944 Winter of the new homestead

Mom and Sis with two of Dad's relatives and our dog Blacky that we stayed with before he found this house

Rich and I, Look Mom a hair cut!

Always a fun outing at North Beach in Waukegan

Another outing at the beach with Mom's brother Pete and his family

Mom's brothers and Sisters at the Family get together in 1947

Mom with siblings when the youngest brother Henry died

Family get together in 1947 at the old farm, Pete looking at gramps Dad, Sis and Henry at the end of the table with Mom sitting next to her Mom with lots of beer bottles.

Gramps with Pete's kid I would guess talking over old times.

Family getting older, my broken arm in a sling, must have been trying to get away from Dad and a willow stick.

Jerry beating up on Dennis with Mom and Sis not caring at all about early 1950's is my guess.

Mom and Dad taking a breather

Dad with a stogie and Blacky our wonder dog

Sis's wedding Helen, Grama and Mom

Family on Sis's great day, check out my tie

Sis and Marine hubby Ron heading back to San Diego to start their family, Mom with tears in her eyes

Sis looking happy to get out of Dodge with somber looks on Mom and Dad

Dad making Mom happy with her new fur coat Sis's first kid Cheryle, Wonder if that's my Gene Autry capgunDennis has?

Sis with Linda, babies coming on fast now with Dennis playing with guns again

One of Dad's steal ball machine guns

Dad's best game board

One of Dad's early game boards and the lost contest eal trap

Dad's Atom game, Dad self tought himself on the atom

Box cover of the Atom game for learning about the atom

A happy Day for Dad with a co-worker playing his Board and the below picture is his hand shake for 20 years at Abbott

Last picture of Dad before he died