From the Ukraine to California:
A Son's View

The Alton Years
The North Chicago Years
The Colorado and California Years
The Travel Years
The Last Years

A somber outing to the traveling Vietnam Veteran's Memorial wall

Our Fish dining place on the Santa Cruz boardwalk

Grandkid Linda and hubby Ray getting ready for a side trip

The gang checking out the fishing on the boardwalk

Susan with us this time taking in the fresh air

One of Jerry's many visits

Richard and Carol's visit

Ed Thomson (Richard's buddy) and his wife Gail in the for front taking us all out to Lunch. Ed took us all out for Mom's 80 birthday, check the B-Day page.

Another shot with Rich and Carol on their visit to the Boardwalk

The Rosicrucian Museum where Mom and I spent many days, Jerry's with us their last visit for her there.

Taking a shade break in the Rosicrucian garden.

Jerry's turn pushing Mom around the Japan Tea Garden another favorite place of Mom's.

Another Tea garden shot

Richard's turn pushing at the Tea Garden

Last time Mom had three brothers together on Dennis's visit in my back yard

Mom's back yard view of the east hills,birds and Brian's blooming tree

Mom's favorite spot in the last years

Mom getting her exercise while watching TV

Mom's East hills view from her hospital room

Mom's West hills view and the San Jose city skyline from the hospital hall where we had lunch many a time

Dennis visiting Mom in the hospital

Susan helping with the feeding on one of her many visit there giving Neila and I a break trying to get food in Mom

A happy Mom to get home from the hospital zoo

The last picture of Mom at home