From the Ukraine to California:
A Son's View

The Alton Years
The North Chicago Years
The Colorado and California Years
The Travel Years
The Last Years

Mom's house in Colorado, my son Steve and I

My son Steve and I flying out to visit Mom in my single days Dennis still playing the hippy type with the hairy face in the 80's

Mom in her kitchin trying to figure out what to clean up next

Mom with her Sister Helen shortly before Helen died

A Visit to Mom with my new gal Neila at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

Neila, her step kid Kathy and I in Mom's basement trying to figure out what to pack for Mom's move to California, Jerry's around someplace upstairs

The trusty shippers just finished unloading Mom treasures in my screen room

Mom and I into about ten years at my place

Mom in her living space checking the TV guide and ready to scan the skys for Patrick Swayze

Mom just back from a walk with her new best friend Nippers

1992 Mothers day in her pot staging area

Mom out re-doing my front yard

Mom, her buddy and I after 5 years with me in the back yard

Mom at the center all decked out in her cowgirl outfit

Another wild party at the center

Neila having lunch with Mom at the center

2001 Christmas

2002 Christmas, Susan helping Mom open Brian's (Jerry's son) gift

2003 Christmas, Mom with her gifts

Mom got up close to Dick Contino at show he did, he was Sis's star way back when

The California gang