From the Ukraine to California:
A Son's View

The Alton Years
The North Chicago Years
The Colorado and California Years
The Travel Years
The Last Years

Early Alton, In 1804, the Lewis and Clark expedition departed near Alton, Life of official Alton began in 1818.

Alton looking from St. Louis today

Alton's famous new bridge

Early picture of Dad, location unknown

Early Mom picture in Grama's front yard

Dad with his fiddle, wanted me and Sis to play, never happened

Mom on right with Stella

Mom with Jerry in front of Grama's house

Grama's house on our last trip there

Mom and Pop with cute kids, note Jerry already with glasses

Jerry on his three wheeler

Two pals, looks like Sis is getting ready to pop Jerry

Jerry and Sylvia all decked out

Mom must be showing off their new toys

Family home where I was borned, taken the last trip we were there

The Family then in Grama's front yard

Glass factory workers in 1941

One of only few pictures of Mom with her parents

Gramps sitting on the storm cellar on the farm with Cuz Sharon

Baby Richard added rocking away

Dad's car in front of Mom's parent's house with brother Henry. Dad rolled that car just about killing me later

Dad with Mom's brother Pete

Pete and Mom, trouble makers of the family

Mom's Sister's Stella Husband Paul with there daughter Sharon, Paul the only hero of the family losing a arm and leg fighting with old blood and guts Patton in WWII