Dorothy enjoyed all of her birthdays to the fullest. The more people around, the merrier!
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80th Birthday
90th Birthday
91st Birthday
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93rd Birthday
94th Birthday
Mom's 90th birthday!

Dorothy's birthday party was planned and organized by her granddaughter, Susan Rojo, with a considerable amount of time. Susan was able to get most of Dorothy's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, to attend. Dorothy's siblings, her brother Pete who was ill and her sister Stella who was afraid to fly didn't make it. Since Stella lives in Alton, IL driving in March was not an option.

Most of the details were kept from Dorothy until all plans had been finalized. She was told Jerry and maybe Dennis was coming to see her and have a birthday outing with her. This was done so she would want get her hair fixed and not notice anything out of the ordinary going on around her. Shortly before everyone arrived she was asked what she thought if some of her other children and grandchildren were to visit and she replied, "Oh they won't bother to come out here." With her demeanor so casual, everyone agreed there was no need to feel in anyway apprehensive about any ill effects from everyone coming to celebrate.

The event was planned to last several days, so Dorothy would not get too tired, and would be able to enjoy visiting with all of her relatives. The first evening, after everyone arrived, we had a pizza party at the house. Everyone was there, except one great-grandson, who flew in the next day. Everything went very smoothly, with ages from less than one year old to almost ninety years old blending in well. When everyone left for the night or bedded down, Dorothy was asked if she enjoyed herself. She said she couldn't believe they all came.

The next day was a day trip to Monterey and despite the weather all went well. It took about four cars to caravan all to Bubba Gump's Seafood restaurant on the ocean front. The ocean was rough and the rain had turned into a mist. The wait for tables was not to long or maybe it seemed that way after a couple of glasses of wine. The group all seemed to be having a good time and especially Dorothy. The only two restless spirits were Dorothy's great-grandchildren, siblings Alex and Emma Rojo. Marie and Neila took them for a walk through the shops in the area while everyone else finished eating. After lunch as everyone was milling around the tourist area, Dorothy drew the attention of the Forest Gump impersonater who happened to be sitting outside on the "Forest Gump" park bench with his box of chocolates. The impersonator got Dorothy to sit next to him on the bench and joked around with Dorothy for quite awhile, drawing a big crowd (or was that crowd all the family members?) She had her picture taken with him (by quite a few family photographers.) After the visit and photo session we took a ride around Monterey before heading back to San Jose.

The big event was Dorothy's birthday party which was held at her favorite Chinese restaurant, Phu Lam, very near home. She wore a dress, which she was fond of and complimented her nicely that her son Jerry gave her for her 80th birthday. The gang was all there, with gifts and praises, as well as cake and ice cream. The owner of Phu Lam, Kim, has always made Dorothy feel most welcome by making special dishes for her and this time was no exception. Everything went very well and everyone gave Susan well-deserved compliments on the excellent job she did arranging everything.

Some of her visitors left that night after the party and others left the next day. Her son Jerry was able to stay a few more days and visit. Some of her relatives came to the house and say goodbye the next day before traveling on to other places or home. Dorothy seemed most pleased by everything and could hardly wait to go to the senior center to tell everyone there about her birthday party. She also made sure to remind us that the senior center would have a birthday party too.