Dorothy enjoyed all of her birthdays to the fullest. The more people around, the merrier!
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80th Birthday
90th Birthday
91st Birthday
92nd Birthday
93rd Birthday
94th Birthday
Mom's 80th birthday!

Dorothy started the day by getting her hair and nails done. Stanley took her to the salon and Neila picked her up when she was finished. Stanley gave Dorothy money to pay for her hairdo and when Neila picked Dorothy up, Neila ended up paying for the hairdo anyhow. Oh Well!

Her cake and good time were enjoyed by many relatives and friends including her ex- daughter-in-law Sandy. Her son Jerry, unable to be in California, called while Dorothy was celebrating. Jerry sent her a dress for 80th birthday which she favored throughout the rest of her life, even doning it for her 90th birthday.

During her stay in San Jose, a couple days after 80th birthday party, her sort-of-adopted son, Ed Thompson, who grew up with her children in Illinois, his wife Gail treated Dorothy to a nice dinner at Burkes. Stanley and Neila were invited along as well, and Ed and Gail presented Dorothy with a dozen long stem roses. Flowers were always one her favorite gifts.

Sandy gave her a rocking chair, which she kept in her room, using as comfort spot for rest of her life.

All in all by her smiles in the many pictures taken, she had great time.